Welcome to GTA3 Extreme Savegame!

Welcome to GTA3 Extreme Savegame´s website!

You probably came here from GTAGarage och GTA San Andreas Files, but if you didn´t, then I´m going to tell you what this is all about.

This is a somewhat modified savegame for Grand Theft Auto III, which enables the player to access previously no-accesible vehicles. Many of you have probably seen the Police Heli, which can be very irritating when following you. Some of you may have seen the Fully Winged Dodo (sometimes called "Ghost Dodo") roaming over the city.

And, finally, you probably know of the special Borgnine car.

All these vehicles are made available through my mod.

Keep reading for more info and pictures!

How the ?=### is this done?

This is no heavy mod to the game.

It is a simple saved game file you put in the savegame directory.

Let´s make this easy to explain.

A saved GTA3 file contains lots of data.

That includes the player stats, completed percentage and the garage info. And the garageinfo is what we are looking for. The garageinfo explains what is put in what garage. If you, for example, park a green Kuruma in your Portland garage and then save, the game writes the following things to the savegame:

KURUMA.DFF - 0877 - REDLIGHT.garage - /----

Let´s change that to the Full Winged Dodo.


...and the Maverick:


Of course the game does not write it like that. It writes a whacky encrypted language. Let´s explain what I mean:

In the Kuruma´s case, "KURUMA.dff" is the car´s file in gta3.img. "0877" is my example of the color code. "REDLIGHT.garage" means it is parked in Red Light District garage (Portland). The "/----" means there is no special flag. In the HELI.dff and DEADDODO.dff cases, I had to give the vehicles a "IS_ENTERABLE"-flag, which means the player can enter the vehicle and control it. This flag is not needed for normal vehicles.

You got it? Let´s move on to the next section, telling you what it contains.


So, why should you download it?

For all of this:

*100% achieved. All islands unlocked.

* 999 health, 999 armor, locked to that so that you CAN´t DIE!!! Except in Explosions....

* There is a Borgnine parked in the Portland garage. It is black and can´t be destroyed. Great for killing people and escaping the cops, as it is very fast!

* There is a Full Winged Dodo parked in the Staunton garage. It is everythingproof as well. This nice little plane is very easy to control.

* Black Police Heli parked in Shoreside garage. A challenge to use!

* Everythingproof Manana parked next to the heli. Use it to push the heli out!

Sounds great, eh? Scroll down to download!


I uploaded the mod to two of the most popular GTAmodding communities. There is pictures there, as well as downloads.

WARNING: When this is published, GTAGarage has not yet approved the mod files. It should be up there tomorrow (23th August), until then, use San Andreas Files!

http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=3128  - GTAGarage

http://grandtheftauto.filefront.com/file/GTA3_Extreme_Save_game;82144 - San Andreas Files